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7 Tips for Worship Leaders

Worship through music is an essential part of a service that brings people closer to God.
If you are a worship leader, first it’s essential to grasp that worship is more than singing and making music in front of the congregation– it is a divine appointment.

Union Church of Manila, a Christian church in Makati, offers these 7 tips for worship leaders so that their worship leadership will be both pleasing to God and to their congregations.

Tip #1: Preparation is key

Create the plan and put it into motion. If tasked with creating the setlist, ensure that the songs you pick harmonize with and support the Biblical message. If before the songs selection you cannot access the preacher or his or her message, choose songs that are Biblically sound, united in meaning, and… easy to sing.

Try also to gain the perspective of the musicians, pastors, or the rest of the creative team. This way, you will be able to tweak or change the songs responsibly, according to the authority you have to do so.

Pray and ask God for the revelation He wants to show through the songs. Preparing your heart by prayer is a top priority and privilege.

Tip #2: Remember, Worship Leadership is solely about God

The service is solely about God and His worship. Your main goal is to invite the Spirit and to guide the people in the worship. Draw people’s attention solely unto God. Trust God and… and trust yourself– you are led by Him to lead the people in worship.

Tip #3: Mistakes are okay

Of course, during a worship service there may be mishaps, such as forgetting the lyrics, faltering a note, or when the sound system or operations fail. Try to not stress yourself over these things! Rather, take each one as a motivation to improve the next time. Be prayerful with your team about the technicalities happening well, and then lead the worship with all your heart. Take courage that God looks not at the outward appearance, but at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7).

Tip #4: Be teachable

When given constructive criticism on occasion, receive it well. Listen carefully for any point from which you can learn, and leave the rest. While feedback is not always easy to hear, remember the Scripture states that whoever listens to such criticism is among the wise (Proverbs 15:31).
Improve yourself as you glean certain points from criticism. Additionally, listen to songs, collaborate with others, take lessons, and deepen your relationship with Christ by meditating on His word. Remain open and flexible to be able to fully honor your leaders, the entire team, and God.

Tip #5: Be true

All told, feel no need to adapt to a different persona in worship leadership. Be true to yourself and, most especially, be true to God.

Tip #6: Remember, worship leadership goes beyond the church grounds

Worship leadership is about what happens not only from the “stage”– it is about how you lead your life.

As 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” How you live and have your being at home or around the community gives witness to the One for whom you lead worship.

Tip #7: Enjoy!!!

It’s been said in a classic creed of the church that the chief purpose of humanity is to worship God and enjoy Him forever. To lead worship is a set-apart and serious avenue of service… but don’t take yourself too seriously. As you lead worship, you are naturally fulfilling what you were made to do. So enjoy. For it is God, and only God, that will bring forth His light, and His power, for His good and right purpose (2 Corin 4:5-7).

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