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Overseeing UCM

The Council is the elected governing body that oversees UCM.
There are 15 Council members that are nominated and elected every year
by church members.
Each Council member serves with a term limit of 3 consecutive years.
The members’ primary responsibilities are as follows:
Spiritual, Vision & Mission, Policy, Budget, and Restoration.
The Council oversees UCM through ministry oversight by chairing committees
(a committee is a group of people committed to serving in a particular area of ministry).

At the Annual Members' Meeting on February 26, 2023, voting was held to approve the slate of nominees as presented to the church body by the Council and the Nominations Committee which includes all the new Council members.


If you would like to reach any of the Council members, please use our Contact Council form. Your questions or concerns will be received by our Corporate Secretary, who in turn will channel the matter to the appropriate Council member.

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Maria Angela Beata Agnir

Missions and Benevolence
Now on her second-year term at Council, Bea is a Filipina who has lived in several countries prior to settling back in the Philippines and started attending UCM in 2016. Bea became a member of UCM in 2017 and has served as a prayer liturgist, usher, communion server, and Welcome Team Lead for the Second Service. She has also served as an M&B Committee Member, leading Time for Others (TFO), and
the Christmas Giving Project in 2020 and 2021.

Jaime Araneta

Jimi Araneta became a Christian in November 1986. His passion for God’s Word led him to taking up courses with Asian Theological Seminary, equipping him as he worked as a full time staff for 2 years with his previous church. There he served the community through preaching, counseling, and teaching book studies together with his wife Sonia, to various small groups such as single professionals, young couples, “golden girls” and mixed singles, single, and married. He was also on the Board of Action International Ministries and a co-planter of a midweek Christian fellowship. He and his family have been attending UCM for 3 years now, and they became members in May 2021. Since then,  he has been leading a Friday Men’s Small Discipleship Group (SDG). Professionally, Jimi is an EVP/ COO/Director of Citystate Savings Bank,  where he also leads an office Bible study.

Roger Bartholomew

Now on his second-year term at Council, Roger is originally from England and is currently the President of International Education Specialists and Southville International School. Previously, Roger has served as a Council Member for 2 full terms. He has also served as a prayer liturgist, an SDG Leader, usher, communion server, and a member of the Finance and Stewardship Committees.

Michael Butt

Michael is a Filipino/Australian, born in the Philippines, who has been actively attending UCM since his high school years. He graduated with distinction from Bond University Law School, Australia and practiced as a lawyer there before returning to the Philippines in 2007. Later, he completed his Master of Business Administration in Australia, and is now President & CEO of Tierra International Construction Corporation. He became a UCM member in 2008 and since then, has served the UCM community as a liturgist, an SDG Facilitator, a member of the UCM Personnel Committee, a member of the Reconciliation Team, a member of the UCM Foundation (US), a member of the UCM 100th Anniversary Working Group, Chairperson of the UCM Property Committee in 2013-2015, Chairperson of UCM Discipleship Committee in 2015-2016, Vice-Moderator of UCM Council and Chairperson of Terms of Call Committee in 2014-2016, Co-Facilitator of UCM Alpha Marriage Course in 2019, and member of the UCM Senior Pastor Search Team in 2018-2019. He has a passion for God’s word and people and is committed to building up the UCM community.

Noelle Ison-Gozo

Corporate Secretary
Joy comes from the Ison family who has been attending UCM since 1985. Joy got married to John Gozo at UCM and her 2 daughters were baptized also at UCM. Joy had served in the UCM Council, chairing the UCM Human Resources (HR) Committee from 2011-2014, and remain to be a member of the UCM HR Committee up to present. During her service in Council, she also served as a part of the Terms of Call Committee. Professionally, Joy has worked as an HR professional for 30 years.

Fitriya Hartono-Lozano

Now on her third-year term at Council, Fit has served on the Nominations Committee as a member. She has also served as a prayer liturgist and a reflector both in the  pre-pandemic Wednesday Communion Service and the online Midweek Essentials/Essentials for Quarantine. She is currently a Teaching Leader for BSF Makati Women’s Evening Class.

Rod Mangay-ayam

Rod is a Certified Public Accountant by profession, and a partner of an accounting firm, Mangay-ayam, Lim & Co., CPAs. In UCM, Rod has been a member of the Finance Committee since 2003 up to the present. He served in Council, chairing the Finance Committee twice, in 2006 - 2008 and 2017 - 2019. It is his joy to be serving the Lord with the talents and skills that God has given him.

Jesse Morales

Age and Stage
Now on his second-year term at Council, Jesse is an American who is currently residing in the Philippines as a CADD Technologist for a U.S.-based engineering consulting firm, currently managing the extension office in Quezon City. Jesse came to know Jesus in 1993, is married for 21 years to Emma Ruth "Ima" Morales and have 2 boys in Senior High School and College. He is serving as an SDG Leader, 5th grade Sunday School teacher, and Bible study group leader at work and in their village.

Raymond Nocon

Now on his second-year term at Council, Raymond is currently the Vice-President of Jade Group, Inc., overseeing construction management, building system management, back-office operations and software systems. He co-leads an SDG together with his wife Jeannette, serves as a prayer liturgist, Second Service usher, communion server, and was a pianist for Offertory Worship.

Samuel Powell

Now on his second-year term at Council, Sam is an Australian who is currently working as the CEO of HMR Auction Services, Inc. He started attending UCM 8 years ago with wife Sharlene, and he is a father to 4 boys. He has served as a member of the Nominations and Discipleship Committees, an SDG leader, and he is one of the key leaders for Kingdom Men.

Marie Therese Y. Tengco

Care Ministries
Now on her second-year term at Council, Maite has been working at the Canlubang Golf & Country Club, Inc. since 1994, and is currently the External Affairs Assistant & Membership Committee Assistant of the club. She has served as the recording secretary of Care Committee since July 2020,. She also serves as a prayer liturgist and had been co-facilitating a women’s SDG since 2019.

Weslee Trout

Fellowship and Membership
Now on his second-year term at Council, Wes is an American married to a Filipina. He is a digital marketing and strategy consultant. Currently, in addition to chairing the Fellowship and Membership Committee, he leads the upgrading of the Audio and Visual systems of UCM, including the digital platforms and livestreaming of the services. He has served as a group facilitator for Kingdom Men, a reflector for the Midweek Essentials for Quarantine, and as a member of the Nominations Committee.

Erick Veneracion

Human Resources
Now on his second-year term at Council, Erick is currently the Board Director and Treasurer for Lorenzana Food Corporation and a business consultant for Partners Worldwide (an NGO that uses business to create flourishing economic environments worldwide). He has served as a member of the HR Committee and in UCM’s children and youth ministries, as well as an Usher and Welcome Team member
of the Second Service.

David Vicente

David grew up primarily in the church and ministered mostly in the music industry as part of the choir and worship team. Previously, he was a home-based missionary with Pioneers and Frontiers, a Worship Director of Imus Conservative Baptist Church, and a Worship Coordinator for International Baptist Church of Manila. Presently, David serves as one of the Board of Trustees with Destiny Rescue, while working as a freelance performing artist in both in-person and online events. He has also been actively involved with leading the Worship Night Services at UCM.

Rev. Chad Williams

Senior Pastor
Pastor Chad possesses over twenty-seven years of ministerial experience, including various roles in pastoral leadership, church planting, worship ministry, international theological training, leadership development, teaching at the university level both in the US and internationally, and missionary service. Read More...

Ex-Officio Members

Rev. Noah Kennedy

Associate Pastor
Pastor Noah was born and raised in the southeastern United States and possesses academic credentials in business administration, divinity, and theology...Read More...

Dix Roa

Church Administrator
Dix is a graduate of Industrial Engineering in UP. Before joining UCM, he was a self-employed realtor. As Church Administrator, he is the head of operations, making decisions and carrying out duties which affect the comfort, convenience, and safety of the congregation, volunteers, and staff.