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Actively Waiting for God’s Timing

Of course, we want good things to happen in our lives– may that be advancing in our work, obtaining some greater measure of stability, or finding someone with whom to share life together. These matters usually take time to develop and come to fruition. But many people, not excluding believers, worry. We tend to worry that these things won’t happen according to our timeframe, or worse, they won’t happen at all.

But let us remember, God has different answers to our hopes and prayers. God moves in His ways and in His time. What we consider a detour or a delay may just be God’s own perfect timing. “God is a God not of disorder… but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14: 33).
Below are some further insights from Union Church of Manila to offer you reassurance– to hold onto God’s timing for your life, for such a commitment is truly worth it.

God has His own time

God’s time is different from ours. God is an infinite being and is not limited by time, as we are. For Him, years could pass by as if they were minutes or seconds. Psalm 90:4 provides a beautiful description of this characteristic: “A thousand years in [God’s] sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.”

Whether you are praying for yourself or for others, it is perfectly normal for your mind to tend to wonder when nothing seems to be happening. But, be assured, God hears with utter seriousness every prayer you pray.

God has the point of view of both history and the future. He is not surprised nor skeptical regarding the circumstances of your life or the world around you. He knows where you have come from, where you are now, and where you are going. He knows the “why” behind your wondering heart. He knows your every need. He knows you.

God might have a greater plan than the one you envision for yourself, and He is setting you on a path, His path, that you may not understand at first but shall gain insight into along the way.
God had a master plan when He created this world and that plan is still in effect for today and tomorrow. Try to push back against any worry they may crowd in regarding the things for which you have hoped that may not yet be happening. The Grand Weaver is weaving your story into His!

Time as a test

There comes an instance when God uses time as a test of our trust, faith, and conviction in Him. Take the most basic example in the Scriptures. When God rescued the Israelites from Egypt, they were all thankful to Him at first but they started grumbling and fighting against each other once they experienced the challenges that came with their newfound freedom.

During your trials, God remains a loving God. He is steadfast to provide for His people, like what He did with the Israelites on their way to The Promised Land. Despite their wonderings, complaints, and doubts, God provided them their food, water, and shelter. It takes time and intentional prayer to come into the view and understanding that God wants us to have. Often, growth occurs along the line from doubt to understanding.

Building up the tools for waiting

Often patience follows faith. To fortify yourself in the waiting, cultivate your trust in Him. Pray. Psalm 37:7 states, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.” Once we experience what it is to trust Lord, we learn patience, and our waiting becomes active. To choose to wait on the Lord is an action. We choose to do everything we can do regarding a situation. But what we cannot control, we pray and ask God to help us trust Him. Waiting on the Lord is not a passive approach to faith, it is an active one.

Once our faith in Him strengthens, we may tend to ascribe less importance to the things for which we prayed. As we grow in trust, we grow in contentedness and internal peace. God’s love reaches and pours into our every need and desire. Thus, remain prayerful to God for the needs and desires of your heart. He wants our reliance on Him. He wants our recognition and adoration.

Looking forward to the outcome

Let us be encouraged to see a time of waiting as utterly positive and hopeful! Christ died on the cross for your sins, the sins of all, not to have us unnecessarily wait for some dire outcome, no. On the contrary, He died on the cross so that we may have life– and have it in abundance. Entrust your future to God in Christ, and actively wait at those needed times for what He will bring. As the Scripture teaches, “[Those] who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength… they shall mount up with wings as eagles.”

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