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How to See God’s Beauty in the Dark

Have you ever experienced a season of darkness? Perhaps it was a death of a loved one, losing a job, or breaking up a meaningful relationship. The rug is pulled out from underneath us and we can suddenly find ourselves in a place of discouragement and doubt.

My friend, it is not uncommon to face difficult times at some point along our journey of faith. Here are three Biblically-inspired reminders to help us overcome.

1. Be reminded the source of light is Jesus Christ.
Light is beauty. The Scriptures declare that the Lord is the Lord of Light, emphasized in key verses such as 1 John 1:5, Ezekiel 10:4, and John 8:12.

It is difficult to lift your head high and think about the Light especially when all you see is gray and everything feels empty. Often, believers try to avoid God’s light because of feeling unworthy of His Holiness. Sometimes we can feel like our brokenness would be an offense to Him. Actually, God wants us in our most vulnerable state or when our hearts are broken into pieces. He invites us to come to Him in our weakness, so that we can find strength in Him.

2. Be reminded of the beautiful things of God.
As we move along in this life, we can open our eyes to the beautiful things God created all around us. This could be in the form of our romantic partners, works of art, food, nature, music, and more!

The Scriptures are full of passages that describe the beauty of God through his creation. When we choose to focus on the beautiful things that God created for us to enjoy, rather than dwell on the negative and dark sides of life, our spirits will be lifted to new heights in Him.

3. Be reminded the world is actually still beautiful.
Sometimes when we are going through a difficult time we take for granted the blessings that are right before our eyes. We can pray that God would bring us closer to Him and open our eyes afresh to His goodness.

Why don’t you take a moment now?

When you are alone in His presence, take in the beauty that is currently happening around you—from the rolling mountains that extend to the horizon, to the twittering of the birds, and the very fact that you are breathing and taking this all in. Find wonder in simplicity and stillness around you.

There are many forms of beauty that you can find in this world because God indeed made it and He made us. May you and I be filled with a fresh sense of wonder and joy as we gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.

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