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"Ministry on Demand" - Minister Where You Are

The church building or campus is a place where we could worship, pray, and have fellowship. Here, we could also use our God-given gifts to serve the Lord and His people.

Serving God through serving others is not confined to within the “four walls” of the church building. Ministry work may be done wherever and whenever we can share the love of Christ. Jesus' ministry was not limited to teaching in the temple. Jesus went out to villages, crossed lakes, and seas; He mingled and dined with people from all walks of life.

Whatever you are doing and wherever God has placed you, you are meant to grow - not for yourself but for God.

You represent Him (Matthew 5:16).

Sharing Jesus and making disciples is not just a pastor's mission. We are all commissioned by the word of God (Matthew 28:18-20). We are exhorted to reach out not only to our own city or town but to reach out to the nations. And Tim Keller said, "Mission includes our secular vocations, not just church ministry." Christ's commission for us to share the gospel is not just going to the mountains, or isolated areas, or hostile islands, but also to use our profession or fields of expertise wherever we are - to present Jesus.

The question now is, how can you be effective in ministering in your workplace, school, or any chosen field or place where God has placed you? Here are five items you could consider to minister well and be a blessing:

1. Do your best. People would notice easily when you are good at something. That way, opportunities are present for you to influence and share the love of God. People like listening to other people who are good at their craft, so take that opportunity to glorify God. (See 2 Timothy 2:15)

2. Do not live a double life. It would be challenging to share Christ when you say you are a Christian but your actions and words tell otherwise. Be a Christian and act like one. As it is commonly said… walk the talk! It's Jesus you represent and it's Him we would like to please first and foremost. (See 1 John 2:15)

3. Be an encouragement. When things go wrong with people around you, be the person who would cheer them up. Also take that opportunity to share your experience with what God has been doing in your life so that people may realize that life will be better with Jesus in their lives. (See Galatians 6:2)

4. Pray. Lift up your classmates or co-workers, your school, or your office in prayers, so that the Lord would not just bless them and help them in their struggles, but that God may also open their hearts to listen and understand the Gospel. (See Mark 11:24)

5. Seize every opportunity. God opens doors for you to minister. When you see one, take it. Whether you are asked to lead an event at school or at work or any other opportunity where you could be a blessing, go for it. If you like making videos or you handle a social media page, use it as a platform to bless people and point them to Jesus.

(See Colossians 3:23)

There are plenty of ways for YOU to minister and bless lives. You can be creative on how you can present the Gospel so that others may come to know Jesus.

You've been given by God the ability to bless lives - right where you are. Make the most out of it. Make good use of the talent that God has given you to bless others through the guidance and strength from Christ.

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