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Is Evangelism Obsolete?

When we are passionate about something, it often follows that we share this passion with others.

Passion is something people are typically expressive or vocal about. But what about passion when it comes to sharing our faith?

According to research among adults in the United States, “Christian Millennials feel especially conflicted about evangelism — and, in fact, almost half believe it is wrong to share their faith.” While this finding may be concerning for some Christians, on the other hand, about 95% of Christian Millenials believe that part of their faith is to be a witness to Jesus Christ. Thus, there seems to be a dissonance here between what it means to share one’s faith and to be a witness to Jesus Christ.

Studies such as this one perhaps indicate broad sentiment regarding the role of evangelism among Christian Millenials. For the Christian, however, regardless of where we live and to what generation we belong, the encouragement from the Scripture is to remain steadfast toward our goal which is Christ: “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14). Thus, let us not press on toward our own pursuits, indifferent whether people know the love and hope to be found in Christ. Let us instead, study God’s word, practice a lifestyle of prayer, and pursue God’s purposes - that all would have a chance to know the love and hope of God in Christ. By this lifestyle, we give witness to Jesus Christ and naturally create an environment where we more easily share our faith in deed and word.

Matthew 28:18-20, "The Great Commission," calls Christians to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations." Another study by Barna conducted in 2017 among US Christian churchgoers said that when they were asked if they had “heard of the Great Commission,” half of these respondents (51%) said they did not know about it.

As Christians, let us also not look away from the urgency of sharing the Gospel. Rather, let us share, with gentleness and respect, the hope we have as Christians, as even in this day and age of the information superhighway there are people who have not yet heard of the love and hope of God in Christ.

While it’s popular, simple, and fun to share on social media our jokes, food trips, travel pics, and what-have-you, we could, as one way to share our faith, post Bible verses or Bible-based, personal devotions. Through this simple yet intentional act, we may be a source of encouragement for a number of our friends - today! We may eventually get a surprise - that one or two of our contacts will approach us seeking advice. Perhaps that’s God’s way of giving us the opportunity to spend time with that person, listen, and share the love and hope of God in Christ.

Wherever we are, we could share God’s love and mercy - through our words and deeds. Let’s learn to cultivate evangelism as a lifestyle - such that sharing the love and hope of God in Christ becomes as natural as anything else important and enjoyable.

Evangelism is not obsolete - far from it! Everyone has a story to share that reflects their values and beliefs. The need for Christians to share their story within His story in both word and deed will never be obsolete - as long as there are people who need to know the love and hope of God in Jesus Christ the Lord.