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Rev. Chad Williams

Senior Pastor

Pastor Chad possesses over twenty-seven years of ministerial experience, including various roles in pastoral leadership, church planting, worship ministry, international theological training, leadership development, teaching at the university level both in the US and internationally, and missionary service.

His academic credentials have culminated in a terminal degree (Ph.D.) in the area of intercultural theological studies from Biola University. He also possesses degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Metro State University, and The Moody Bible Institute.
More importantly, Pastor Chad has cultivated a passionate zeal for Christ and advancing his church both locally and internationally. Growing up in a Christ-centered home where his parents were involved in starting two churches in the United States, he inherited much of this love for Christ from his family. He was first introduced to Christ at a young age and later committed his life to ministry as a teenager.

Pastor Chad also loves people! He enjoys and is energized by both large groups of people and intimate individual connections. He regularly engages with people from different , cultural, and religious backgrounds and with believers from all over the globe, attempting to equip, encourage, and inspire them in their walks of faith.

While Pastor Chad and his wife, Janelle, attended the same high school, they met several years after graduation in 1997 on a missions trip that he was leading. Immediately recognizing that they shared a similar vision for life and ministry, they fell in love and were married eleven months later.

In 2010, God gave Pastor Chad and Janelle one biological daughter, Ellie. Five years later, God also blessed them with the joy of adopting their son, Malachi. The Williams family enjoys spending time together, going to the beach, playing sports, traveling, and serving Jesus.